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Bikini Models latest videos

Sexy Bikini Contest
Yes...there's one in the front row on the other side of the stage..she even spreads her hands at one point..

Shakira in a bikini
I dont mean the type of music they make but that they both are able to reinvent themselves and spark peoples interest.

BORAT loves Pamela Anderson!

JESSICA BIEL STRIPS for Chuck but not for Larry!!!
6.8.07 09:17

Adriana Lima latest videos

Adriana Lima Sexy Model Hot

Adriana Lima tells the beginning of her career in America

Some of the best photos of Adriana Lima's career. Music by Christina Millian
27.7.07 09:47

Eva Longoria youtube latest video!

Eva Longoria montage video

Eva Longoria Compilation

Desperate Housewives exclusive clip.Best TV show I ever seen.

The Superhumanly Sexy Eva Longoria video and still collection. Eva Longoria nude celebrity videos actresses supermodels legs babes girls sex boobs ass butt...
27.7.07 09:42

Paris Hilton targeted in CD prank

Banksy has replaced Hilton's CD with his own remixes and given them titles such as Why am I Famous?, What Have I Done? and What Am I For?

He has also changed pictures of her on the CD sleeve to show the US socialite topless and with a dog's head.

A spokeswoman for Banksy said he had doctored 500 copies of her debut album Paris in 48 record shops across the UK.

She told the BBC News website: "He switched the CDs in store, so he took the old ones out and put his version in."
11.5.07 14:09

Fergie text lyrics - Fergalicius song

Fergalicious definition make the boys go loco
They want my treasure so they get their pleasures from my photo
You can see me (you can squeeze me)
I ain't easy (I ain't sleazy)
I got reasons why I tease 'em
Boys just come and go like seasons

Fergalicious (So delicious)
But I ain't promiscuous
And if you was suspicious
All that shit is fictitious
I blow kisses
That puts them boys on rock, rock
And they be lining down the block just to watch what I got

It's so delicious (It's hot, hot)
It's so delicious (I put them boys on rock, rock)
It's so delicious (they want a slice of what I got)
Fergalicious (t-t-t-t-t-taste, taste)

[Verse 2]
Fergalicious def, Fergalicious def, Fergalicious def
Fergalicious definition make them boys go crazy
They always claim they know me
Comin' to me call me Stacy (Hey Stacy)
I'm the F to the E-R-G the I, the E
And can't no other lady put it down like me

I'm Fergalicious (so delicious)
My body stay vicious
I be up in the gym just working on my fitness
He's my witness
I put your boy on rock, rock
And he be lining down the block just to watch what I got

It's so delicious (It's hot, hot)
It's so delicious (I put them boys on rock, rock)
It's so delicious (they want a taste of what I got)
Fergalicious (hold hold hold hold hold up, check it out)

26.3.07 15:40

Fergie - All That I Got

Baby,baby when you're looking deep in my eyes
I know you're seeing past my make-up
Into the little girl that used to hide out and cry
When her parents fought
Tryin' to be strong
You can see the hurt in me
The cover ups so secretly
And all that I aspire to be
You see,you see
You know who I really am
No entourage or caravan
And do u even give me a damn
all about that ,tell me

would you love me if I didnt work out or I didnt change my natural hair
I could be the one you want to grow older with,baby
I'll give you all that I got

So,I dont mean to scare you now and push you away
Cuz I'm not tryin' to rush anything
but when i look into your eyes
I´m not scared as you say as your little you
I'm in the picture too
Like a happy family three
We're together costantly
This could be eventually
We'll see,we'll see
But all that I got to know
Is with me baby will you grow
Sun and rain and heavy snow
Oh tell me so now baby

(Coro) (x2)

Bridge (rap Will.I.Am):
it's as simple as one and two
I'm in love with you
And three and four
You're all I adore
To the seven and eight
See I've been making mistakes
Cuz when you're on my mind
I just cant think straight
Back to the five and six
I'm all in you mix and Im all into you
Without the lipstick
Without the L'Oreal
You remain the same angel that I fell for you
For real,for real.

26.3.07 15:39

The Sexiest Nude Models Waiting to Please You!

Over 80000 images of beautiful busty women, nude models, centerfolds, and porn stars... More at
2.2.07 18:04

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