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Chenoweth FHM Pictures - 2006 Videos - Photos - Wallpapers - Downloads.

Kristi Dawn Chenoweth was born in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, on July 24, 1968. The diminutive cutie discovered her love for song at church, where she belted out hymns louder than the rest of the congregation combined. At the age of 12, she sang in front of the entire Southern Baptist church, and found that she loved the experience. Music and performing soon became her passion.
Kristin's first show, Animal Crackers, debuted in 1993 at New Jersey's Paper Mill Playhouse. Her Broadway debut came four years later, with a significant part in a Richard Rodgers Theatre production of Steel Pier. Roles in Strike up the Band, Moliere's Scapin and A New Brain followed, all leading up to her defining Broadway role: that of Sally for the 1998-'99 presentation of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

She was cast in another Will Ferrell movie, Stranger than Fiction, for 2006, and also won a role in Running with Scissors. Suffice it to say that when the animated feature Rapunzel Unbraided, which Kristin lends her voice to, wraps up in 2007, this performer will be in dire need of sleep.

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